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Turtle watching
Punta india is situated just one km. ahead from Playa Ostional, Four types of turtles nest in this area: Lora, verde (green), Carey and Baula. You can watch this amazing spectacle at night being guided by a proffesional working for the MINAE (Costarican enviromantal organism). Thousand of turtles nest at this beach, so many that, sometimes, they do it one upon the previous one, destroying many nests. Nevertheless, the eggs are given to population (under MINAE control), and are send all over the country in order to be sold and provide finances to this village (Ostional). For then; this is their main income..

Best season or biggest "arribadas" are from july to december. Fortunately, the biological researchs done at this area show that there's no risk of extintion, and on the opposite, Ostional, is making endangered turtles like the Carey, increase their number.

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